Where Regina George Meets Loki Laufeyson

That one there, that's Captain America. He is one of the dumbest heroes you will ever meet. The one with the cape, that's Thor. He's totally rich because his dad is the king of Asgard. And evil takes a human form in Loki Laufeyson.

Dec 21

sylviadraws said: OHAI! Guess where I found your tumblr from? JOSS WHEDON'S FACEBOOK PAGE! Congrats ;)


ETA: You were not shitting me.

Jun 10

marvelousworldofdisney said: Okay: 1) Your blog is awesome and I laughed really hard at some images. 2) Where are you finding Avengers screencaps in so high quality? Kisses.

1) Awww, thanks :) 2) Most of them aren’t screencaps; they’re publicity stills from the set. I’ve gotten most of the images from a particular Avengers group on Facebook, since they have an enormous album full of them. The rest, I’ve just used my google-fu.

Jun 9

That followers milestone I was close to? I hit it.

I’m still not sure what to do to celebrate. Some kind of chat event, maybe? If you have ideas, let me know!

Jun 8
Suggested by cherryjustice

Suggested by cherryjustice


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I’m getting close to a particular number of followers…

I’d like to do something fun to celebrate, like a giveaway or something, but I don’t really have anything Avengers-related to give away! I mean, I swiped a poster for The Raven from the movie theater the last time I went to see Avengers. But no one wants that, probably. Unless there are some serious John Cusack fans following this blog.

So basically does anyone have ideas of something fun I could do to celebrate my awesome followers?

telemiscommunication said: Omg! This actually exists??? Aaah! I have a few gifs I made that I'd like to submit, or something... c:

I just enabled the submission box, so you and others should now feel free to go submit crazy!!

Anonymous said: This blog is hysterically funny. No pressure or anything but... please never stop updating!!!!!!!!!

Oh god, how long has it actually been since I’ve updated? I’m a terrible blog-runner.

Lemme work on fixing that a bit.

May 29

Also, I’m too lazy to screencap it, but this blog has 900 followers, so gif party, I guess

To all my lovely followers:

Inspired by rayne-foxface

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